Youtube Blood Money

Youtube Blood Money

About 3 years ago I received a spam message on one of my videos saying and I quote

MY boyfriends in Iraq and I need someone to play with. Now needless to say I found that to be extremely offensive for many obvious reasons.

Not until this week have I been so disgusted with something here on youtube.

For those of you who may not know, there was a tragic accident just days ago at the winter Olympics that killed a Georgian Olympian, Nodar Kumaritashvili. He was all of 21 years old.

I don’t follow the Olympics that closely, but I stumbled across the story here on youtube while looking at the videos of the day. I must say, like anyone, I was curious what went wrong. I am not a morbid person, but I have played sports in the past and was wondering how something like this could happen.

I want to make something very clear before I go into all this. I normally never go after any other Youtubers. They can make whatever kind of videos they want. I am not a hater. I don’t care about how some changes their voice. I don’t care that they may or may not have a mask on. That has nothing to do with this video and my take on this subject. I didn’t want to make a video on this subject. I put it off for days hoping that it would not keep going on like this, but after seeing a 3rd channel pull this same trick I could not keep quiet any longer.

Profiting off of someones death

Profiting off of someones death

I let this slide for as long as I could. I just saw WAY to many people trying to profit from this young mans tragic death and I could not stay quiet about it any more.

So I find this video and I click on it to find some more information on how this accident happened and who this person was. So in this video I click on that was on the top of the front page of all of youtube in the popular section for the last 2 to 3 days has no real information at all about this person and what happened. All it is is some guy stating the obvious with a completely misleading thumbnail. This is a classic bait and switch thumbnail cheat. While he is talking about the the incident, it is nothing more than him sitting in a chair. It does not show any real insight into the man that was killed or what specially happened. Also the video was all of 50 seconds long.

Now this alone would not compel me to make a video on this subject. It is his channel and he can do what he wants with it.

The reason why I am making this video is for 2 reasons. He has made 5 videos exploiting this persons tragic death (if indeed that other channel is him. I think it is) and he has put ads on all five videos. The first video he goes briefly into what happened, ok I have no problem with that. In the second video He tried to defend his original video, but does he change the title or the thumbnail, no! He still uses the same language as the first video with another fake thumbnail trying to make more money off of the death of this young man. Then to top it off, he makes a 3rd video with the same title with the same fake thumbnail where he talks about how this is how he makes money, by reporting the news. Not once in those 2 follow up videos did he make a title of the video represent what those two videos were about. The second one was made to address why people were killing him in the comments section for profiting off of this young mans death, but in the 3rd one he actually walks around his garage showing all the things his blood money has bought him from the camera he uses to his car. Now this is not the only time this person has done this here on youtube.

This person waits for someone to die or merely a rumor of someone dying and he jumps on it immediately trying to capitalize on their untimely death.

He did this for Brock Lesner when he was ill.

He did it for Michael Jackson when he died.

These two were fairly understandable, but the one that really shows you that he does not give a damn at all is the one where he made a video about the rumored death of Kanye West and in the FAKE thumbnail he put the years 1975-2009 which everyone knows represents the birth and death of whoever you are talking about. Then he actually puts in the description and I quote “rest in peace to my dog… my homie.

This should clear up any doubt that he is nothing more than an ambulance chaser.

I am sure people like this just cant wait for the next Virginia Tech massacre to happen or the next princess Diana accident to run to their camera and try to sum up how sad they are in less than a minute to slap an advertisement on their video in hopes to be the first one that takes off and gets to be the one that gets pushed on the youtube surfers by being on the top of the popular page for days on end.

So how does youtube itself fit into all this?

Luge on top of Youtube Popular Page for days

They are the ones that have made sure it stayed on the top of the popular page this whole time racking up millions and millions of views. Without this type of premium placement it doesn’t get nearly the exposure. What people have failed to understand about the changes that youtube made long before the hulu tube video came out is that the popular section does not have a time limit. For the most viewed pages, once that video is 48 hours old it goes off of the lists. Whereas the popular page has no time limit. A video can be there for weeks on end. So in essence youtube has hand picked and promoted these videos made by him and helped him gain millions of views a day.

So to sum up the issues I have with this situation:

#1 – The fake misleading thumbnails for all 3 videos (that only partners can use)

The thumbnail is not at all what you see in the video

#2 – Making a second video with the same title as the first, but it is not about the accident, it is about all the hate he has been getting and rightfully so.

#3 – The most offensive part of this is the 3rd video where he shows how much money he has made from making videos like this. I have no problem with people making money for their videos and for their work, but when someone slaps a video together in all of 1 minute and uploads it to youtube then slaps a FAKE thumbnail on it to mislead people into thinking they are going to see something that is not even in the video is disgraceful.

#4 – Youtube has deemed that some users are better or more important than other users. If you are a partner you can lie, cheat, steal, and mislead users as long as you are making money for them. These statements are NOT specifically stated against these people who made these videos, but in general. I have heard of people having giveaways that never give anything away or they do something for charity, but the money may not in fact go to a charity. If the average user tried to do something like this with no advertisements next to it I can assure you it would not be plastered for days on the top of the most viewed page picking up millions of views. So the moral of this story is that if you are going to be unethical, you better make sure you and google will be able to cash in otherwise you just might get suspended.

Youtube has shown time and time again that if they like you and you make money for them you get completely different treatment than someone who doesn’t. In fact I was a partner for about a month and I tried to get my two videos that were unjustly flagged re-reviewed so they would not be flagged any more and they would not even return my emails. THIS WAS WHEN I WAS A YOU TUBE PARTNER! So shortly after that I told them to remove me from the partner program immediately and that I would not place advertisements on any of my videos. So in the end they found it easier to remove me from the partner program than to review my videos so we could both make money from my future videos.

I have talked several times in the past about how I feel about youtube and how they treat the users. What many people don’t understand is that, yes, I know it is a business, but all I ever wanted was for them to enforce the rules equally among all members. I can live by whatever Terms of Service they create, but I have no tolerance when they have two standards for channels. One standard for partners to get away with damn near anything and another for the rest of the users where they can just ban you and delete you with no warning or reason. They simply do it because they can. I have a mark on one of my channels to this day that has no information or reason. It is just a blank spot that says I violated something almost 3 years ago with no info at all on what it was and why it was put there.

The current double standard for users and how they choose to enforce the same rules in a completely different manner for one channel to another is right online with flat out discrimination. If there is no consistent enforcing of the rules then there is flat out favoritism and discrimination. If they were to come clean and be honest and say they want nothing to do with freedom of speech and put an end to their charade I would leave this subject alone, but when they lie right to my face and say how they are for freedom of speech while at the same time working on software in China and with youtube to promote their chosen channels over the rest of the community, that I do have a problem with. Here is an excellent video on this subject:

The reason why I still talk about these subjects is because I want people to know for the record that some of us know what they are up to and we can show people how they manipulate the system to elevate some channels over others and therefore discriminate against some of the channels they don’t like for one reason or another.

I normally don’t even go after another “youtube user”, but this time I had to make an exception. I was that disgusted at what I saw going on here. There needs to be some minimal respect for the dead and in this case I saw more and more people seeing how they could make a quick buck off of this story and using the same cheap techniques to do this for money. If they want to keep doing things like this to make money, that is up to them, but we all should call it like it is. Exploiting death and misery to make a quick buck. It is not just that it was done, but the way it was done. The difference between the networks is they have to talk about the news. They do it every day so when something happens like this they are required to. They also can report this in a good way and pay tribute, or they to can exploit his death by sensationalizing it. There is a right way to do this and a wrong way. Paying respectful tribute to someone that has passed away is a good thing and everyone appreciates a heartfelt video about someone who has just passed. These videos I am talking about in my video and this blog were not that type of video. They were just tabloid journalism at best. Nothing more, nothing less. I hope this is not the future of “reporting” on youtube.

I have seen at least 3 separate channels posting VERY short videos on this Olympians death with no real insight into what happened. No details. Nothing of relevencee and they do all this because they are a reporter. Reporters offer something to the story some actual insight into the event. Like say Something about the person and the families effected by this tragic event. These people have offered none of that. They just saw a quick payday and decided to cash in. It is their channel and they can do what they want, but I am not going to let them get away with trying to hide behind this “reporter” shield. We need to call this what it is. They see death and suffering and know that this will get the views. So they run right off to their camera wing a short video with very little useful information and slap a fake thumbnail on it and call it reporting. That is not the case. This is textbook exploitation.