Tiger Woods does NOT owe you an apology.

Tiger Woods im Sorry

Tiger Woods im Sorry

I know some people will think to themselves “what is he talking about this garbage for”, but hear me out. I was curious how this would play out knowing how much money is involved with him playing golf. The fact of the matter is that he is literally bigger than the sport. Just look at the ratings when he is playing and when he is not. The ratings have dropped as much as 55% without him in the game. His presence is that powerful. As big as Michael Jordan was he never had this type of impact on the league when he was in his prime. The difference if Tiger plays in a tournament can mean more than double the normal ratings.

I know people have beat this story to death and for the most part I disagreed with most of the commentary on this subject so I wanted to post my thoughts about it.

This is what we all know. Tiger Woods Cheated on his wife with at least one woman, but most likely it was a LOT more than one. There is no point going into how many because who knows who is telling the truth and who is lying. It is like a feeding frenzy now with woman coming out of the woodworks. He is a married man with two kids. So naturally any family oriented person would think this is the wrong way to ensure a solid family foundation cheating on your wife.

I know this is all obvious, but here is where I have seen so many people get it wrong. All this is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! He is not a political figure. He is not in charge of public policy. He does not write and pass laws. He does not earn a living off of the taxpayers money paid to him by his elected office. He is a guy that plays golf and now he can just add cheating husband to his credentials. He cheated on his wife and it was all over the papers. Are you kidding me. This was a bigger story than 9-11 for the New York Post. He was actually on the cover for 20 straight issues.

Tiger and 9 11 New York Post 20 days in a row

This is how messed up the media is, but is it their fault and their fault alone? Of course not. If enough people would have stood up and said after the 3rd day. “If you put him on the cover one more time we will never buy your paper again!” That would have been the last of him on the cover I promise you that.

The real depressing part of this, as you already know, is that they are in fact giving a large part of the population what they want. Gossip about some golfer who cheated on his wife. This just shows how low things really are right now in the news industry. The real news is a miserable thing to report, usually filled with war, crime, death and misery. Who really wants to do that every day? It can be depressing. Most people actually get their news from shows like the Daily Show. Making jokes at the real news makes it a little more tolerable. So today we live in a world where a golfer cheating on his wife takes more priority over the billions of companies like Goldman Sachs who received one of the biggest money and power grabs in this country’s history. The bailouts, the stimulus and other bills being passed right now could not only affect you, but your kids and their kids’ kids as well, but does this make the front cover for 20 straight days? Of course not. Even though it is a bigger story it is not nearly as sexy. It won’t sell copies. That is the bottom line. It is a business and sex and scandal will always win out over a solid news story with no sleazy appeal.

So now back to Tiger and his wife. The reality is that the only people he needs to apologize to is his wife and family and personal friends that were affected by this. He doesn’t owe me an apology. He does not owe you an apology. It is none of my business. It is none of your business. It is not like he harmed me in any way. My life is not affected by him cheating on his wife one bit. Whatever friends and family I have in my life will not be made better or worse because he cheated on his wife and now he made some public apology. I have heard all sorts of people on shows like Around the Horn and PTI that say ridiculous things like he needs to go on Oprah. Like she is the one that can now wash away all his sins. Are you kidding me? Every time something like this happens from Michael Vick to Jay Leno all these talking heads always say they need to go on Oprah to repair their image. He doesn’t even owe the networks an apology. Hell they are making money off of him regardless of this and in fact it was a sleazy event that brought women’s figure skating a huge ratings bonanza when the whole Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan fiasco hit the fan in 1994. Because of that event before the Olympics, The broadcast of the Olympics remains one of the most watched telecasts in American history. This makes for higher ad sales and everyone is happy. The networks will always find a way to sell a story good or bad to get people to view and for the most part it works.

As most of you have seen he finally, after months of speculation, came out and addressed this subject in the usual press conference manner. He stands at a podium reading line by line everything his lawyers and PR people arranged for him to say and he read it like Obama giving a speech. Accept Obama can sell it, Tiger can’t. He stumbled and bumbled through it and in the end what did it really accomplish? Not a lot. You have a guy that was in the top of his field and he made a public apology to a bunch of people that he did not hurt. The only reason for this really is to make the sport of golf and the sponsors of both the PGA events and Tiger himself sell the events with a clear conscience. They just don’t want every wife in America and around the world to despise him and give their husbands a bunch of grief for watching him play or buying his merchandise. That was who this apology was for. He was apologizing for his business partners because they don’t want any of his dirt on them. Rightfully so. This was for the wives moms, sisters and daughters. Most men really don’t care that he cheated on his wife. They will not stop watching golf because of it. They will not stop buying his gear if they like it. Very few men will boycott his gear and the sport because of this. I don’t condone cheating on your wife, but again is it any of my business. NO! Was what he did wrong? YES!

Here is the thing to keep in mind. Had he been single he would have been considered a ladies man. No one made him get married. Anytime you see a very young person have the world at their fingertips you know they are going to have issues. It is usually too much to handle. Why do you think these child stars have such issues? I knew somehow some way that Kobe Bryant would have some issues. He was all of 18 years old, a millionaire and living in L.A. How much more could you want as a young charismatic man. Then you have the alleged rape that took place in Colorado. Kobe was accused of RAPE and he is fine now. He really does not carry a stigma because of it. He is the blueprint for how to handle something like this. Hell his jersey is the number one in sales right now since the start of the 2008-2009 season. People always move on.

If you are a young charismatic male with fame and fortune, marriage is going to be a hard thing to stick to. Some men are not faithful at all. Others might get weak under the right circumstances. The key is to avoid any possible temptations. If you are someone like Tiger Woods you are not going to have a problem finding a woman, but if you do decide to settle down you really better be ready to settle down. If you are rich, alone, you may have the need to be careful with your relationships with women and women with men. It goes both ways. So for someone who has all these ingredients like youth, fame and fortune marriage is going to be a hard thing for some men to stick to. In general it is obvious that people really don’t take marriage that seriously any more. It used to be damning for someone to be divorced and that was less than 100 years ago. Now if a couple has a few bad days in a row they say they have irreconcilable differences and move on to the next ex-wife or ex-husband. It really is not the commitment that it used to be by modern society standards. There is no real backlash if a famous celebrity or athlete gets a divorce.

For me this is the litmus test for an apology. This is how you know if someone is really sorry or not. The first and only rule for a sincere apology is that it must come from you and you alone. Imagine you get in a bad fight with your husband or wife, mother or father, or brother and sister and later you want to tell them you are sorry. So you call them into a room and you break out your note cards or pad of paper and begin to read it to them verbatim. Most people would not consider that a legitimate apology. While I don’t think he was obligated to make a public apology, if he was indeed going to make one on this subject he could have at least spoke from his heart not his pre written speech. I still remember when Terrell Owens had his agent read his speech for him. It got me pretty misty eyed I have to admit. Nothing says sorry more than someone else reading your apology for you.

I think if he had been proven to be drinking and driving which some speculate, then I may change my tune on this, because he would then have been on an open road and could have hurt or killed an innocent civilian. Under those circumstances I would say that he does indeed owe a public apology, but not if he has not done something reckless that would put innocent people in danger. Again, if he had been serving a public office where he is paid and his income is from the tax payer, this would be a completely different story because the general public are actually paying this person to serve them and they are accountable in other ways that most citizens are not.

This all goes back to the type of “news” the mass media spits out on a daily basis. There is an old saying “never screw up on a slow news day”. Well if you are someone with the stature like Tiger woods and you screw up in a sex scandal, every day is a slow news day.  I cant tell you how many people have no clue who the Vice President is, but they all know tiger cheated on his wife and whatever Angelina Jolie is doing this week.

If you ever want to see how much of this started in this country you really need to watch these videos below. This is the story of Fatty Arbuckle and William Randolph Hearst. Hearst was the famous publishing tycoon who uttered the famous words. You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.


This video collection is a five part series on the Early Scandals of Hollywood and how the media (specifically Hearst) Reported on it.

This is Orson Wells speaking of how basically Citizen Kane and trying to stick to movies ruined his life. William Randolph Hearst and Orson Wells were both consumed by this and they were never the same after it. If you can find it, make sure you watch documentary about this event called “The Battle over Citizen Kane”