Must See Videos and Documentaries

While I do not agree with every single word of these videos and documentaries I do believe they are 100% worth watching. I believe that if people see more videos like these they will be able to see much more than the usual propaganda that the mass media shoves down our throat. Not everything is as cut and dried as they make it seem. I hope you enjoy these videos and after you see them you can make up your own mind on what you agree with or disagree with.

This blog is not to force these videos on you and try to make you believe every word in them. This only serves to give another view point to consider. I will say that I do agree with these videos for the most part, but maybe not 100%. It is up to you to find the truth. No one can do this for you. I still do research every single day from all sources of media and even after over a decade of reading, watching and learning from hundreds of different sources I still dont know it all, but that is not the point. You will never know it all, but at least you can see through the lies and propaganda and know when you are being lied to by the Government and the mass media.

If you do not think you have ever been lied to or manipulated by the government or the mass media, then don’t bother watching any of these videos because you clearly are way to naive to listen to them with an open mind. I am not trying to be insulting, but I don’t think anyone with a shred of knowledge would not be aware of at least a little bit of lies and corruption amongst the leaders of the government or big business. 60 years ago I could buy people thinking that they are not being lied to or manipulated, but with the access to the internet and the infinite amount of free information readily available 24 / 7 there is no more excuses for being ignorant at this day and age.

Century of Self Parts 1-4

Phillip Zimbardo – Stanford Prison Experiment & Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

The Wave – Based on the true story of how a teacher tried to illustrate to his class how Hitler and the Nazi party could rise again somewhere else…

Consuming Kids

Generation RX

Bigger Stronger Faster

American Drug War

Supersize Me

The Corporation

Is Google Evil?

The World According To Monsanto

The Economic Hitmen Short Animation

Why We Fight

Iraq For Sale

The Hidden Wars of Desert Storm

The truth about the right to own a gun

Pat Tilman – Murdered by his own troops and cover up on his death?

An Unreasonable Man

Who Killed the Electric Car

The Economic Hitman – John Perkins

Masters of Money

Maxed Out

Money as Debt

Don’t Talk to the Police

Evidence of Revision